Saturday, July 28, 2012

my best korean movie ever...till now :)

Chingudeul annyeong! [hello peeps]

Well, I just finished watching the movie called My Sassy Girl [again?]. Such a beautiful movie :) Hurmm! Frankly speaking, I can watch it over & over and never get bored. Same goes to Windstruck.

Not really sure why am so excited but I love everything about these 2 movies. The storyline. The soundtrack. The feeling. It's blended in so well!! It can make you laugh and at the same time, cry. And Windstruck really makes me cry like hell. Setiap kali tengok pon nanges! Adoi!! [in front of others - memang dah hilang akal]

Btw, these 2 movies interelated in some way. They produce My Sassy Girl first [2001] and later Windstruck [2004]...but My Sassy girl is like part 2 for Windstruck.

there are quotes I love the most in the movies:

Sassy girl: If we're destined to meet, I thought we'd meet by chance somewhere.
Elder: Know what fate is? Building a bridge of chance for someone you love.

Pls watch it, and you will understand what I am saying :)

Both will be my-favourite-movie-ever :) Tak percaya? cubalah tengok sendiri...and selamat menonton yea!



*Jun Ji Hyun sangat gorgeous kan kan
*hero2 dalam cerite ni: Cha Tae Hyun & Jang Hyuk are Jong Kook's [running man] best friend - that's make me love them even more, hahaha~

Oppa Saranghaeyo^^

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