Friday, August 10, 2012

in love with....


I just finished watching 'Running Man' 104 episodes'. Whoah!! Daebak! [awesome!] 

Angkat tangan sapa yang tengok jugak rancangan ni? Let's see how many people are in LOVE with them. Counting: Hana [1], Dul [2], Set [3], Net[4], Daseot[5].....Deumeon [10,000]?!?  Jinjja? [Really]

By the way, 105 episodes currently aired [August 5, 2012 in Korea] and I think it should be available to download by now [let's wait for my sister to download it, since she got so many spare time]...Arghh, really can't wait!

Well, I love all the Running Man member's especially Kim Jong Kook Oppa! They are Awesome. I will introduce them to YOU in the next post, ok?

KJK, 나와 결혼해 주겠소? Berangan jelah...kekeke

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