Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Running Man: Haha will be getting married soon!

haha to marry singer byul this november b stm 0 HaHa to marry singer Byul this November!

Haha [Haroro] recently revealed his plan to get married to singer Byul this November. 

Well, I love one of the Byul song's titled "I think I Love You" which used as the theme song for the Korean drama Full House [This was the 1st drama that made me fall deeply in love with the Korean thingy: terus-terusan jatuh hati sampailah sekarang walaupon umor dah tue-tak-sesuai-lagi-nak-fanatik-bagai]

There are a lots of evidences spotted by the netizens regarding the marriages.  

In April, Haha appeared in the celebrity documentary series KBS’ Star Life Theater. During the episode, Haha went to the home of his close childhood friend, Park Geun Sik who had recently gotten married. While eating dinner together, Haha then blurted out, “I want to get married”, then proceeded to reveal the two childhood friends had made a promise that if one of the two would get married, the other would have to marry within six months. Source from here

On August 14, Haha’s representatives told local media, “Haha and Byul will get married on November 30. The two have started dating since last March.” “We’re sure our fans will be shocked to learn about their marriage, but Byul is not pregnant and that’s not the reason for their marriage. They dated for a short time but the two confirmed their love for each other,” the source added. Source from here

Finally, he found his last love. By the way, is that means his character as playboy in RM will be change..? I guess he can't say "to be my last love" anymore [everytime a female guest comes on running man]. Will miss it :(

Congratulation to Haha and Byul!

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