Thursday, April 23, 2009

::mana otak dia nih::

my friend told me about this video..and she asked me to wacth it,

I was so shocked when I saw it...
I am totally shock+ piss off + sad + angry [mix emotion inside me]

How come this bibik [not sure either indon, malay, filipino] sooooooo CRUEL~~!!
She so kejam sampai sanggup tendang and belasah budak sekecil tu...I think SHE's totally no brain at all~!! Isn't that so~!?

Lets watch this video first and tell me what do you think~!?

anyway...I dont want to talk much coz I really hate her~~!!
she make me feel SICK~!!
Totally S.I.C.K. O_o

video : maid yang kejam!!
failed to upload the, just visit this website okay,

* mr. blacky still merajuk and buat perangai dengan saya,huhuhu...

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