Thursday, February 19, 2009

::missing someone very badly::

I REALLY miss u…miss u damn much,
Don’t you MISS me?

It's almost 2 month…
we were not smsing each other,

It’s seems like you don’t care about ME...
about THEM...
about US anymore,

Are you REALLY HATE me? Hate them?
I know, you are probably HATE me the most!
coz I am the ONLY one who should be blamed

Am I really a BETRAYER?

Am I really that BAD?

Tell ME,
what am I suppose to do…to make sure everything will be back to normal,


*SORRY for the lousy English.


Karen said...

Dear Rose,
trust me, things will NEVER back to normal again after what had happen to all of us. yup, I understand and agreed with you that all this hurts so bad. no doubt about it cause I feel the same.

Well Rose,
Life must go on right? and that's what each and everyone of us doing right now. Live our life just the way we want and try not to look back. What done is done, regret it? I hope you're not cause that is what you've learned to face your real world now. a lil regret should be OK ;) just a lil OK?

Hey Rose,
Chill out~ BE STRONG! doesn't means if someone quite and make themselves invisible to you - they ignore you or hate you. well maybe they do but try to think it this way, maybe they just don't have guts to tell you that they miss and do care about you too.

Everything happen for a reason dear, have it 'clear' to you yet? Cause as for me, I've seen it clear enough ;)


Blossoming Rose said...

mak ai!!!

panjang lebarnyer saya diberi syarahan oleh makcik karen....insaf2 =)

thanks dear for a superb advice


Karen said...


sy jugak br sedar yg sy sudah m'bebel.

Blossoming Rose said...

baguslah kerana anda sudah tersedar,hahaha...

jangan marah yea karen


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