Monday, February 2, 2009

::NEW layout::

currently feeling bored to view myONLYown blog...heh!!
what happend to me??!!??

just getting bored with my current layout, maybe [chocolate and green in color]

::my old layout::


thinking of to change it...
startd browsing at 'the cutest blog on the blogs' website for a new layout...

*browsing, browsing and browsing*

its take too long for me to choose the best, something that suit me...
because there are a lot of beautiful layouts out RAMBANG mata,huhuhu..

*browsing again and again*

getting tired already,
and I thought to chose it randomly...more easier for me,no need to think hard

maybe will change it again...later,

and now...

this is my new layout looks like,

::my current layout::



Karen said...

u pick layout ni mcm,
u tgh bcinta plak ros..

terang sgt plak merahnye..
cr la yg soft skit kalernyee..

suggestion je ;p

Blossoming Rose said...

okay dear...
thank you for ur suggestion =)

*alah xsemestinya bercinta br leh guna layout ni kann,ehehehe

Karen said...

haa.. d new layout look nice..
sdap je mata membaca nye..

Blossoming Rose said...

thank you...thank you...

layout nih, dah tak nmpak mcm org bercinta dah kan,

ngee =D

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