Monday, February 2, 2009

::why I hate ENGLISH::

Nowadays, ENGLISH is crucial.

For example, in FSTEP, I should speak ENGLISH with all my colleagues and staffs because in FSTEP area, everybody is not allowed to speak others than ENGLISH. Actually, it’s good because FSTEP try to encourage its entire participant to converse well in ENGLISH especially for those people whose lack of confident like me.

ENGLISH classes under British Council which are provided by FSTEP are compulsory to all its participants. So, it’s an opportunity for me to improve my ENGLISH.

My ENGLISH panel, Mr. George Chong encourage us to keep practicing speak ENGLISH all the time.

So, I chose Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday as my ENGLISH days. I already told my friends to speak or text me in ENGLISH during my ENGLISH days. And I also encourage them to give an advice if I do a mistake when I text or speak to them. It’s embarrassing. I should learn ENGLISH though.

Anyway, I had a difficulty to learn ENGLISH. It’s seemed like ENGLISH and me are not mend to be together. Is that true??

There is a story behind all this.


Why I hate to learn English…

I would like to tell you guys about one story of mine. Maybe it is less important than yours but I just want to share it. Mind to share?

Anyway, title of my-so-call-story is ‘Rosmawar and Its poor English’.

Why I hate English so much?

It’s due to a bad experienced of learning ENGLISH that I had. I called it bad experience because that incident created phobia into my life….and until now, I trying hardly to overcome it. It’s such a terrible experience that I have to go trough.

The story begins…

A few years ago….back to 1992
It’s happened during my primary school life. At that moment, I was in standard two…just a little small girl right.
I was live in a small village that I am proudly call it as ‘US’ a short form for Ulu Sepetang. It is a nice village with a friendly peoples live there including me,hahaha….it’s sound seems sarcastic!

Ulu Sepetang it’s a village where almost 90 per cent of its populations is Malay. So, my life was surroundings by Malay culture and people who normally proudly speak of our mother tongue language.

One day…I went to school as usual.

Yesterday was a last day for my English teacher, Khairiah Chik in my school. She was transferred to other school. I was so sad because she was a very lovely teacher. She was kind to her students.


Today, my class will get a new teacher. I’m afraid, how was she is. My other school mates always call her as a ‘singa’….Is it true?

It is time for my English class. That day, my new teacher comes in. Her name is Ms. Chua. She entered my classroom and straight to the teacher’s table, without a smiled on her face. Oh my Gosh!

My classmates and I give a welcoming greeting as usual. “Good Morning Teacher!”

“Have a seat,” she said seriously.

The first sessions, she asked us to introduce ourselves one by one. She want to know our names.

After that, she started to teach us.

Ms. Chua wrote some sentences on the blackboard.

A few minutes later, she looked at us and called someone name to come in front and try to answer those questions.

“Rosmawar….try to answer these questions.”

Oh God! She called out my name. “Mati aku…”

I feel nervous. Only God knows what inside me.

I’m stand up. Then, slowly walk to the blackboard. I pick a ‘kapur’ then started guessing answers for each questions.

It’s takes time. Very difficult!

“Rosmawar…quickly! Don’t waste time..” She started to push me.

So, I just guess the answer quickly and write it out on the blackboards.

Suddenly, she came to me and slapped my face. She slapped me in front of my fellow friends.

The class was in a silent mode. Everybody look at me and our new teacher, Ms. Chua quietly.

I touched my cheeck, its hurt.

I was shocked. I’m only an 8 years old village-Malay-students. What she expected from me.

“Are you stupid? These questions are easy enough….itu pun tak boleh nak jawab ke!” She said angrily.

“Okay! Who knows the answer?”

Everybody looked down, just see the floor. Just to note. In a polite way, I am one of the best students in my class.

“Don’t tell me, nobody knows the answer…!”

And, started from that day…I have a difficulty to learn ENGLISH. I’m lack of confident to converse and to ask a question when it’s come to ENGLISH. I’m afraid if I will do a mistake again. So, as a result, I will keep it to myself and pretend that I understand all the time.

For me, it is much easier to learn Japanese than ENGLISH.

So, please help me…Help me to improve my ENGLISH by giving a constructive comment, please =)


Karen said...

let's learn english!

u've been tagged! ;p

Adilla Maaz said...

my dear rose..make the experience u've been through as a motivation to learn english..why that teacher are so mean,how could she done it to a little girl who just start to learn english..rose u must make sure u urself be better than day,u must go and see that teacher and speak english with her..let her know that u can speak in english and u she's wrong about u..dont be afraid with english ok dear..its fun to learn english.. dont u think so?me also never feel boring in learning english..happy learning!

Blossoming Rose said...

YEAH ren,
let's learn english

*i can do it

Blossoming Rose said...

thanks kak diela...

*its fun to learn english =)

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