Sunday, September 14, 2008

Woa!! My first blog =)

I am a lil bit nervous...but happy too coz I am just creating my blogspot account, yeay!!~ Maybe I will only update my blogs in this blogspot : http//[tak larat nak update semua~friendster & myspace~] So, I will stick with only this blogs..HARAP MAKLUM =) Anyway, yeay!!!~

First of all, I want to dedicate a lots of thanks to Kelly coz influence me to do blogging in blogspot [before this I already have a blogs , in friensdter and myspace~can be said as active blogger jugakla] Ina and Karen coz try to teach me how to create a blogspot [me so buta IT meh, haiissh] Pening jugakla kepala nih mau create a layout yang sedap mata memandang~

this is my blogs layout looks alike =)

This is my first time in blogspot so, I think I'm happy with it [layout n anything yang related dengannya]. Actually, I try to create a beautiful blogspot but i am not good in coding and javascript matter so I just can create only this layout...n hope it will be ok....Yeay!!! I have a blogs in blogspot~

me n myself ~rose~

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