Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First time dapat comment pedas dari anon...


First of all. Thanks for your concern regarding this entry. Maybe I shouldn't mention about bertudung at all. Trully sorry if ada yang kurang senang dengan entry saya tu. But for your information, that's only my personal view and nothing to do with the racist or bias or Malay or even non-Muslim. Did I?

Did I mention the whole Malaysian wear hijab/tudung? No, right? Or did I wrote something like only malay bertudung? So, whoever wears tudung must be Malay? I think I'm not. You can see out there, not all Muslim/Malay wear hijab. And wearing a hijab does not make you Malay or change your races/ethnicity because there are also Chinese, Indian or other races wear hijab [muallaf /convert].

You think I'm bias towards non-Muslim? You are wrong! Totally wrong!! I will do the same thing if Jaclyn Victor, Suki or Stacy won the competition. [and of course I will not mention about tudung...maybe I'll mention about others thing - ikut kesesuaianlah]. 

I am proud to be Malaysian and I have a lot of Chinese/ Indian/Sabahan friends. So, I know how to respect those friends. For me it's not a big deal since my nawaitu/niat is just for sharing those happy stories. Dear friend, I think you got me wrong - that's happen when you use your victim mentality to interpret!

Pls don't blame Muslim/Malay since this is my personal thought. They have nothing to do with the entry. Just Bark at me.

Well, I think you the one who brings the sensitive issues here: "kami yang bukan Islam bukan Malaysian? orang Malaysia sendiri yang bias, racist. mana tak Melayu jak yang maju. dasar Melayu mudah lupa, makan diberi suap." Hurmm, my entry was nothing to do with Malay or any political issue. This is my random thought. So, who is racist now? Tell me...

Last but not least, you are coming to my, pls respect the owner of the house. Thanks :) 

Your truthfully,
 Sorry for the lousy english - Tuan rumah


Dieya said...

wow xsgka ada yg sgt sensitif dgn ayat yg aku rasa xbias, negative bla3..lain org lain fikirannya..btw..xpyh peningkn kepala psl anon tu..nape xguna nama/email sndiri..teringin plak nk jenguk blog anon yg terover sensitif ni..

Jojoe said...

sabar la yer.. lain orang lain pendapatnya.. kadang2 pendapat kita boleh disalahtafsir..sabar la yer..

Cik bunga mawar said...

tu lah babe, aku ni xpernah plak terpikir nak bangkitkan isu2 sensitip mcm tu...oke je aku rasa entry tu, tapi ada pulak yng tersentap bagai...lumrah manusia, rambut sama hitam tapi hati lain-lain

tulah bahan setiap tulisan yang kita tulis...tak semestinya orang akan dapat msg yang sama...redha jelah

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