Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gary oppa nak tinggalkan Running Man!

Just read this news. Shocking!!

 Photo from Runningman Malaysia Fans page

At first I saw this notification from Runningman Malaysia Fans and couldn't believe it 100% as it stated 'rumors only' at the bottom of the notification. But then the KJKGlobal also post something similar to this. Should I believe it?

Here I put the recent tweet from Gil's regarding the issue. For your info, Gil is also a member of Leessang [South Korean Hip-hop Duo] 

Gil's Tweet translated: 
"Hello, this is Gil. I bow my head in apology in regards to the cancellation of the Super 7 Concert however I have to make some last comments as I believe that is the right thing to do and so I’m posting this message. Early this year we finally decided to hold the Super 7 concert and LeeSsang, even thou we only provided them a small bit of help, also started practicing as one with the members and our time spent together was really happy.....
....Finally I will be leaving due to my guilt. Gary has also decided to leave his programs due to guilt as well. These last 3 years were spent sincerely loving Infinity Challenge and being thankful for the love I got from the viewers. Thank you.
To read complete tweet translated, click HERE


After read the news from various sources [other than these two], maybe I should believe it. So sad! Really hope it's only a rumors. Gary, don't leave RM because it will be different without you!

게리 oppa, 가지 마세요! 

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