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Happy 17th Anniversary Sparta Kookie^^

Hi semua^^
Ada banyak masa hari ni, so berfacebooking, berblogwalking dan juga terasa rajin pulak nak update entry kat blog ni. Anyway, today is the 17th Anniversary since Kim Jong Kook's debut. I just want to share the article that wrote by him in 2009.

Source: KJKGlobal 
Original article: click here
Translated by jklove_07@soompi

"Such a fast generation change, but young idol stars are pleasing" - Kim Jong Kook/Singer

It seems like a happy memory getting the warm feeling from collecting my favorite artist's albums. But now the value of an album is gradually falling due to the rapid growth of digital music market. This is the unfortunate reality. An album filled with clear and delicate music is slowly disappearing and songs are being reached to the public ears by servers that are full of music files. This is the reality of today's popular music market.

As a singer, I want to let the fans know how precious an album where many musicians worked on together is. But the reality is that there are increase in expectations of a perfect content of music and in comparison to this, the value of an album is falling.

Working as a member of a dance group 'Turbo' and becoming a solo singer later on, I have been successful growing as a ballad singer with 'Han Namja' being loved by people through the internet. Changes in digital environment brings a scary rate change. I have also received a lot of help on the internet but catching up on the world at this speed is pretty hard. I am worried.

It is pretty certain, that being a singer, you want to include as many style/genres of songs as you can in an album. But for now, it is concerning what would be acceptable to adapt into such a fast-changing market environment. So now, my mind cannot find peace.

TV programs that could deliver music have decreased and the flow of trend have become very fast. How to effectively deliver music to people's ears is always the problem that revolves around my head these days.

The generation change in music industry is fast. I feel distressed not seeing hyungs (older brothers) that I've been on stage with. The ones who filled their spaces are; young idol stars. Being on TV programs and stages together with them, their greatness was the first thing that came into my mind.

Different to past idol groups, today's idol stars are producing music that can be agreed by not just teenagers, but people in 20s and 30s. I admire how they could endure many problems and all the hard trainings before their debut. I hope the activities of the old singers and idol groups harmonize well and I also hope to have an environment that balances both digital music market and offline album market well together.

And in those environment, I want to keep making music that many people will remember with their own memories. That is the reason why I live as a popular music singer.

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There are two more articles wrote by him. Maybe will share it later. So bye for now :)

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