Saturday, March 14, 2009

::note to myself::

dearest rosmawar,

from now on,
I would like to live life to the fullest ^_~
[as sugested by sumone close to my heart]

I dont want to take my life for granted anymore...I'll do whatever that I think it's right,and i'll do whatever that make my life worth while.I would try to think of myself first but it's doesnt mean that I can be selfish. I'll try to say what I mean, and mean what I say
[the last sentences: I cited it from what has been said by my FSTEP english facilitator's]

Do not always pleased others, pleased your self first. You yourself have a very huge responsiblality towards yourself. Yes! Its all true. Only me myself can take care of myself, then others.
[as mentioned by my FSTEP consumer banking speaker's]

I have the right to be happy, to enjoy my life to the fullest...and same goes to others.And It will make the life full of excitement ~_~

yours sincerely,

*my housemate [Ratna & Nadia]came home just now and happy to annouce that they got zero for their test. And now, they enjoy watching 'hindustan movie' on TV3....I know they are sad but they don't want to overwhelming themself by thinking of it. It's just a test anyway....[I think they know how to enjoy their life]Isn't that so?

*By the way...I need some opinion regarding my English. Am I improving after I have gone through ONE month Intensive English Course [INTEC] and going troungh FSTEP class for almost 3 month? What do you think?

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