Monday, June 22, 2009


I feel a bit RELIEF just now, tho certain issues are STILL not settle yet but it's oke...For the time being I think it is ENOUGH...It is much better to take ONE step at a TIME rather than do nothing, lalala~


actually...I was thinking that I have made somebody MAD, really2 mad at me... He turn out to be SOMEONE he is not used to be, so imagine that~! Anyway, in order to clear certain ISSUES that keeps bothering, I made up my mind asked Him ABOUT that matter and the answer was really2 make my DAY~! Really2 make me feel a bit 'LEGA'...fuhhh~!

'Marah, kenapa pulak?' He's a bit comfius for a

'ala...bla bla'
I tried to explain,

'aku tak marahlah,
buat apa aku nak marah ko...lagipun, aku
tak pernah rasa nak marah2 ko...dkt
si 'tut' adelah,hahaha' He's

So, as a conclusion...He is FINE~! Anyway, notes to someone else...tho we're NOT going to be like we USED to be...I, rosmawar abdul manaf WILL and STILL LOVE u guys no matter what...It's just that, until now.. I STILL have no gut to say/to tell/to let you know what exactly I wanted to say...I am so SORRY for that [mesti dah muak korang dengar ayat nih kan, anyway that is ME] =( maybe just lets the TIME be a JUGDE for us~! ONLY time will tell.... Thanks for being my FRIENDS, dear =)

* please ignore my broken and lousy english oke...saya kan budak baru belaja, kalu salah tolong jolokkan [betulkan] ea...

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