Thursday, November 13, 2008

::today...extremely SAD::

got an informal job interview but at the same time I lost it...
sad!! Very very sad..!!
(its ok dear, just try it again and again and you will be fine soon)

What happened? Nothing... (hilang tanpa sempat menghadirinya pun,hurmmm)
not my fault...not anybody fault too,
its just my luck...not so lucky maybe (just smile)

*think positive my dearest... rosmawar*

anyway, anyhow..
I am not okay rite now..
extremely sad but...just pretend to be ok
coz i need to show that I am strong girl...
a very2 strong one..
(sy akan tunjukkan sy kuat, if itu yang membuatkan mereka bersemangat dan tidak putus asa)
if I can do, why dont you (dedicated to my friends)

*rosmawar just smile as much as you can*

this is what my horoscope said about me today
(13 November 2008)
I 'm not believing 100% of it but..
it just a guide for me to go through all the unexpected thing in life

The big changes coming into your life are going to take their time -- be patient!

The big changes coming into your life are coming -- be patient! As excited as you might be for them, you can't rush them before their time. If you do, you run the risk of becoming too overwhelmed too soon -- and then they won't be as much fun as you thought they'd be. They'll just be a bunch of headaches. So let things unfold on their natural timetable. It might be torture to do so, but you can get through it. Distract yourself with fun social outings -- that always helps!

my dear rosmawar :)
just bear to mind,
everything happen for a reason...
just have faith with HIM..
He knows what the best for you!

*smile *

*and always smile..*

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